Perinatal Support

Perinatal Support

Here’s how we walk with you through your pregnancy and beyond

Once you receive a positive pregnancy test result, we’ll help you determine what happens next. From getting help with quitting smoking to applying for WIC benefits, we can help you navigate the next steps in your pregnancy. Get all your questions answered and get connected with healthcare providers and community resources.

Healthcare Referrals

Get connected with an obstetrician to begin prenatal care. We’ll give you a list of healthcare providers near you.

Earn While You Learn

Join our program to learn about pregnancy and parenting. One-on-one learning earns you Mommy Money or Daddy Dollars that you can use for baby supplies.

Insurance Navigation

Are you insured? We can connect you with resources for finding and applying for insurance.

Baby Supplies

Get stocked up on maternity clothing and baby supplies before the big day. Car seats, cribs, and diapers are just some of the items you can receive for free!

Prenatal Vitamins

With a positive pregnancy test, get a script for FREE prenatal vitamins! Start caring for your baby’s health right away.


We offer a breastfeeding support group, resources for birthing classes, and so much more.

Earn While You Learn is an educational program where moms and dads can schedule weekly individual lessons with a Client Advocate to learn about pregnancy, birth and everything in between. For each class, parents earn Mommy Money or Daddy Dollars to use for “purchasing” baby items from our free boutique. Earn While You Learn is also available in Spanish!

“I love taking my weekly lessons and absolutely love everyone that works there! They’re all so sweet and helpful! This place is absolutely amazing! Very grateful for everything they do for pregnant mothers and new mother’s! God bless them!”

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