Emergency Contraception

Emergency Contraception

This information is intended for general education purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for medical advice.

If you think you may be pregnant, call 812-257-1041 to make an appointment for a free pregnancy test.

You may have heard emergency contraception referred to as the morning-after pill, or brand names such as “Plan B.” Emergency contraception is a term used for drugs taken after sex with the intent to prevent pregnancy. There are different kinds of emergency contraception available.

Many confuse emergency contraception with the abortion pill. The abortion pill is designed to terminate an established pregnancy. Emergency contraception, on the other hand, works primarily to prevent conception by delaying ovulation. It isn’t intended to disrupt an implanted pregnancy, but may prevent a newly formed life from implanting in the uterus. Emergency contraception is not intended to be used as a regular form of birth control, and cannot protect against sexually-transmitted infections.

Side effects may include nausea, changes in your period, lower abdominal pain, fatigue, headache, and dizziness. If your period is more than a week late, you may be pregnant from a prior sexual encounter. Emergency contraception should not be taken during pregnancy.

There is evidence that emergency contraception use may increase the risk for ectopic (tubal) pregnancy, a potentially life-threatening condition where a pregnancy implants outside of the uterus. Women who have severe abdominal pain may have an ectopic pregnancy, and should seek immediate medical attention.

You can call us to discuss your situation with our trained staff. All our peer counseling services are free and confidential.

First Choice Solutions does not provide or refer for emergency contraception.

The information presented on this website is intended for general education purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for medical advice.

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