Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Pregnancy Testing

When should I take a pregnancy test?Pregnancy tests are most accurate after you have missed your period, although you can test prior to your missed period if you think you might be pregnant.
Do I need an appointment?We accept walk-ins for pregnancy tests, but all other services are by appointment only. We can serve you in a more timely manner if you make an appointment, so please contact us and we can often fit you in the same day.
What do I need to bring?Please bring a photo ID if you have one. If you don’t, we will ask your permission to take a head shot photo of you for your file.
Will anyone find out I was there?All of our services are completely confidential. Your information is kept private; see our Notice of Privacy Practices for more details. We accept patients from any life situation, and anyone above the age of 12 may receive care without a parent’s permission or knowledge.
What should I expect at my pregnancy test appointment?Click here to read more about our process for pregnancy testing.
When will I get my pregnancy test results?Your pregnancy test results will be available shortly after the test is administered. Please allow 45-60 minutes for the duration of your pregnancy test appointment from start to finish. To learn more about what you can expect during your pregnancy test appointment, click here.
How much does it cost? Do I need insurance?All of our services are free of charge. You do not need insurance or Medicaid in order to receive services at First Choice Solutions. We can help you find out more about applying for health care assistance in order to get prenatal care.

Prenatal Care / Medications

Can I get prenatal care at First Choice Solutions?We are a medical clinic that provides pregnancy diagnosis through pregnancy testing and limited ultrasound. We do not provide prenatal health care. We can give you a list of resources for local health care providers who can provide the care you need once pregnancy has been confirmed.
What is a perinatal navigator?Many hospitals provide a resource called a perinatal navigator. Usually a registered nurse, the perinatal navigator acts as a point of contact and a support person for anyone who needs assistance getting into prenatal care or completing the necessary applications for insurance. When you are referred to a perinatal navigator, they are your advocate for your health during and after your pregnancy. They provide personalized care, and are available to answer questions and help you make the best decisions for a healthy pregnancy. We have relationships with local perinatal navigators and we can make the first introduction to help you get started with care.
Can you give me a referral for Medicaid?If your pregnancy is confirmed by pregnancy test at First Choice Solutions, we can provide you with a proof of positive pregnancy test letter which is necessary for Medicaid applications. We can give you more information about pregnancy healthcare coverage during your pregnancy test appointment.
Do you prescribe birth control?We do not provide or refer for birth control. However, if you are seeking information about birth control, an appointment can be made for you upon your request. Click here to read more about birth control.
Do you provide plan B?We do not provide emergency contraception (Plan B, the Morning After Pill, etc.), however, if you suspect there is a chance you could be pregnant, you need to take a pregnancy test to confirm before these medications can be taken. Call us right away to make an appointment for a free pregnancy test.


What is limited obstetric ultrasound?Since ultrasounds are performed for many purposes apart from pregnancy, “obstetric” simply means that our ultrasound scanning is concerned only with pregnancy. The term “limited” means that our ultrasound services are available for one purpose only: that of diagnosing and confirming a pregnancy. We don’t administer routine prenatal care or follow-up scans but we are happy to provide you with referrals for care providers in your area.
Can I bring someone with me to my ultrasound appointment?Yes, you are welcome to bring someone with you. You may choose to allow them to be invited back after the scan to view the images. If you bring children with you, please bring another adult who can attend your children while you are being scanned.
Can you tell me my baby’s gender at my ultrasound?We do not provide gender analysis. We perform ultrasound to confirm a viable pregnancy, but we cannot provide routine prenatal checks or related services. We are happy to provide you with resources for finding prenatal care providers in your area.
Will I get a photo at my ultrasound?Yes! We provide 2D black and white photos of your ultrasound images you can take with you.


Do you offer services for men?Yes! All of our STI testing and treatment services will be available for men.
Additionally, in the same way that we offer advocacy services for pregnant women, we also offer these services for their partners. Per the female client’s consent, the father of the baby may be present for the pregnancy test results and, if applicable, the ultrasound. Fathers may also participate in Earn While You Learn classes and earn baby supplies!  We have classes especially for dads, to encourage you in what may be a brand new stage of life, and to help you understand the changes that the baby’s mother may be going through.

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